Personal Workbook 113

AuthorWendy Griesdorf
Personal Workbook 113
Personal Workbook
This workbook is designed to allow you to organize your personal thoughts and make notes about
your career plans in an orderly fashion. These pages may be expanded and altered according to your
individual career path. Fillin g out this workbook before you meet with the director of career services
at your law school may help to give your meetings more focus. Recording information in this work-
book will also assist you when you draft your resumé and cover letter and it will a lso ensure that you
do not omit any signif‌icant information.
Most students f‌ind that their career plan grows and cha nges when they commence their research
and apply for jobs. This workbook will allow you to observe how your thoughts and preferences de-
velop as you move from a summer job search, to an articling job search, to an associate job search. If
you begin a career in an area of the law that you later f‌ind unsatisfactory, returnin g to the notes in this
workbook may help you to recall other branches of law with which you have had experience.
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Prn Bacgrn
List your academic focus and preferences in high school.
List your extra- curricular, volunteer, and employment experience in high school.
List the careers that you wanted to pursue when you were in elementary school and in high school.

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