Poole Construction Ltd. and Northwest Territories v. H.L. Blachford Ltd. et al., (1978) 18 A.R. 243 (NWTSC)

JudgeMorrow, J.
CourtSupreme Court of Northwest Territories (Canada)
Case DateApril 25, 1978
JurisdictionNorthwest Territories
Citations(1978), 18 A.R. 243 (NWTSC)

Poole Constr. Ltd. v. HL Blachford (1978), 18 A.R. 243 (NWTSC)

MLB headnote and full text

Poole Const. Ltd. and Northwest Territories, Government of v. H.L. Blachford Ltd. et al.

Indexed As: Poole Construction Ltd. and Northwest Territories v. H.L. Blachford Ltd. et al.

Northwest Territories Supreme Court

Morrow, J.

April 25, 1978.


This headnote contains no summary.

Practice - Topic 2230

Pleadings - Striking out pleadings - Grounds - Failure to disclose a cause of action - The defendant applied by notice of motion to have the action against it dismissed under Rule 129 of the Alberta Rules of Court - The Northwest Territories Supreme Court dismissed the application because the applicant failed to discharge the heavy burden of establishing beyond doubt that there was no reasonable cause of action disclosed against it.

Cases Noticed:

Cerny v. Canadian Industries Ltd. et al., [1972] 6 W.W.R. 88, appld. [para. 10].

Commonwealth Construction Company Limited v. Imperial Oil Limited and Wellman - Lord (Alberta) Ltd. (1977), 12 N.R. 113; [1976] 6 W.W.R. 219, refd to. [para. 16].

Lawrance v. Norreys (1890), 15 App. Cas. 210, refd to. [para. 19].

Statutes Noticed:

Alberta Rules of Court, rule 129 [para. 9].


C.S. Brooker, for the applicant H.L. Blachford Ltd.;

L. Ares, for Poole Construction Ltd.;

J. Prowse, for Wood & Gardner Architects Ltd.;

J. Varies, for United Paint Manufacturing Co. Inc.

This case was heard before MORROW, J., of the Northwest Territories Supreme Court.

On April 25, 1978, MORROW, J., delivered the following judgment:

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