Postscript: Lessons Learned

AuthorGregory Tardi
[  ]
The difference between recounting events, however interestingly and
completely, and the genuine analysis of a landmark process in the
Democratic evolution of a country is the establishment of conclusions
based on what we record as having happened. Given Canada’s experience
of the rd federal general election, it seems appropriate to sketch out
lessons learned. Given the short time that has elapsed between the vote
and the completion of this volume, these lessons are necessarily inter-
locutory in nature.
1) Statement on Democratic Vision
A serious campaign platform should not consist merely of a slogan and
a collection of vague promises about intentions and benef‌its to be pro-
vided to one segment of the population or the other. Political parties
should have a clear understanding of Democracy and how it diers from
capitalism and individuals’ prosperity. Campaigns should therefore have
a comprehensive and cohesive general orientation that answers the ques-
tion: What is good for the country? It ought to be able to express to the
population at large a vision that it has for the country and its society. It
is from that general vision that laws, policies, and programs designed for
the public interest will f‌low.

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