AuthorGlynnis Morgan - Xiaoshan Zheng
by Glynnis Morgan and Xiaoshan Zheng
First and foremost, we acknowledg e with respect the histor y, customs, and culture of
the Coast Sal ish and Straits Sal ish peoples on whose traditional la nds the University of
Victoria, Faculty of Law, and Appeal re side.
Appeal is a student-led journal that publi shes exclusively student work; this empha sis
on the category of authoria l experience invites a wide varie ty of paper topics and styles.
is year, we introduce authors from the Universit y of Victoria, the University of British
Columbia, Osgoode Hal l Law School, the University of Toronto, and McGill University.
e papers in this volume provide insig htful analyses of a lternative pedagogies, rai nwater
harvesti ng, recent trends in crimi nal law, probate actions, Charter interpre tation,
domestic violence policies in Nunavut, a nd the criminali zation of polygamy. ese
masterfu lly written papers open new doors in famil iar subject matters, or introduce us to
unique topics that we had not previously considere d.
Publishing Appeal i s a team-eort, and we t hank the Faculty of L aw at the University
of Victoria for providing such a supportive home to Appeal.  is volume would not be
possible without the constant and c ontinued support of the many faculty members w ho
share their insig hts and experience with our E ditorial Board in forma l and informal
capacities. In par ticular, we would like to extend our appreciation to Neil Ca mpbell, who
has been a steadf ast supporter of Appeal. We are also gr ateful to Rod Hayley and Ted
McDorman for their guid ance in the publication process.
We thank our patrons and sponsors, whos e nancial support ma ke publishing Appeal
possible. eir ongoing support ensures t hat Appeal continues to be a home, both online
and in print, for outstandi ng student legal scholarship.
We would also like to than k the many students and faculty members who rev iew papers
for Appeal. eir thoughtfu l comments assist our Editoria l Board in selecting g reat
papers, and guide our aut hors in their editing prior to publication. We appreciate their
generosity during the bus y academic year.
Finally, we would be remiss not to than k our outstanding Ed itorial Board for their
dedication to producing thi s volume.It has be en our privilege to serve as t his year’s
Editor s-in-Ch ief.
We hope that you enjoy the papers in Volume 19 of Appeal.

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