AuthorRachel Corder - Dana Phillips
by Rachel Corder and Dana Phillips
A student law journal oers a ra re and important venue for bourgeoning legal mi nds. As
law students, we are consistently a sked to reect upon current legal developments and
cutting edge critiques, but are rarely given the chance to share our ideas, and our ha rd
work, with the wider legal c ommunity. With this in mind, t he 2012/13 Appeal Editoria l
Board seized upon ever y opportunity to strengthen the quality and reputation of the
University of Victoria’s law journal.
Our amazing Editorial Board worked tirelessly this year to increa se readership, fully
transition to open access, and promote Appeal’s fundraising events and volunteer
involvement. Looking inwards, we endeavoured to improve many of our internal
processes. Given the tig ht timelines and yearly turnover of the Board, Appeal has a steep
learning cur ve and can feel like a mad dash to the nish. We wanted to ensure that the
work and wisdom acquired by each Board carries forward, allowing future students to
launch new initiative s.
is year Appeal received our highest number of submissions to date, representing law
schools from across North A merica. While this ca n make for a lengthy selection process,
the level of interest and the qua lity of the submissions make the e ort entirely worthwhile.
We are forever thankf ul to the Board for persevering through cou ntless rounds of paper
reviews, and sur viving our epic six-hour Saturday paper selection meeti ng—also known
as the three-meal potluck. Our hope is that the number of submissions can grow with
each passing yea r; having too many excellent papers to choose from i s a problem that we
are happy to have.
A special undertaking of this yea r’s Board was to compile alumni data in the hopes
that we can streng then the relationship between those who share the common bond of
serving on Appeal . It is our hope that as Appeal celebrate s its 20th anniver sary next year,
we can come together as a n academic community and celebrate the achievements in
scholarship over the last t wo decades, and the dedication of those who have encouraged
and supported them.
We could not have produced this law journal a lone. We would like to thank the University
of Victoria Faculty of Law for its constant and continued support. In particular, Erin
Hallett and Dean Donna Greschner provided much assist ance and encouragement to
Appeal, despite their busy schedules. We also want to thank our patrons and sponsors,
whose ongoing nancial support ensures Appeal ’s future viability. To all of those who
have given to Appeal, tha nk you for investing in academic excellence and providing us
with a forum in which to showca se exceptional student work in the Ca nadian legal
commu ni ty.

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