AuthorDavid Vaver
Much has happened in the intellectual property (IP) f‌ield since the f‌irst
edition of this book came out in 1997: new laws, scholarly writing, and
precedents, including some key deci sions from the Supreme Court of
Canada, which ha s scr utinized the f‌ield more inten sely th an ever be-
fore. Advances i n science, technology, communications, and network-
ing have challenged IP law, policy, and enforcement. The public is also
ever more interested in and vocal about how IP law af fects or should
affect their behaviour. While IP rights holders press for more control,
competitors, consumers, and the general public demand more freedom
from IP. The debate proceeds apace domestically and intern ationally.
So a second edition of this book is well overdue. While the basic
structure and main ideas of the f‌i rst edition are largely ret ained, much
text has been rewritten, and fresh sections and material have been add-
ed to ref‌lect recent developments. The book has grow n longer but is
still, I hope, succinct and readable. The citation of case law and second-
ary work remains selective, but more comparative material is included.
IP law is truly international a nd Canadian law i s much inf‌luenced by,
and itself inf‌luences, foreign law and policy.
The aim is to make IP law and policy accessible to whoever wishes
to know more about them, be they students, lawyers, or members of
the general public, particularly those who rely, whether they know it
or not, on IP i n their daily lives. For only when the law is understood
in all its nuance wil l it receive the informed and constructive attention
and criticism it consta ntly needs.

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