AuthorJanet Walker/Lorne Sossin
ProfessionOsgoode Hall Law School, York University/Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
It may be surprising to th ink that in Canad a, where legal professionals
are authorized to practise as both solicitors and barr isters, there would
not be a text providing a concise narrative of the key elements of the
resolution of civil disputes. The engaging body of legal literature on
civil litigation and dispute resolution in Canada has been increasing in
recent years to include thought-provoking articles on particular issues,
a casebook now in its seventh ed ition, and several excellent commen-
taries on the rule s of procedure in the various jurisdict ions in Canada.
Despite this, there is currently no introductory work on the subject
of civil litigation that places it in the larger institutional, professional,
and soc ial context of dispute resolution and which explain s its main
aspects i n a way t hat is in formative to members of the legal commun-
ity and acces sible to the larger community. Civil Ligitation seeks to f‌ill
that gap.
This book has been many years in the making many years in
which other projects were permitted to impede its progress. We are
grateful for the patience shown by Jeffrey Miller and William Kaplan
and their willing ness to accept our reas surances t hat these delays did
not ref‌lect any lack of commit ment on our part to t he project, and we
are grateful to Alis a Posesorski for her f‌ine work on the manuscript
when it was f‌inally submitted. We are also grateful to the research as-
sistants who have helped us over the years, including James Cook,
Zimra Yetnikoff, Maryth Yachnin, and Moya Teklu.

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