AuthorFay Faraday; Judy Fudge; Eric Tucker
Like all books, this one is simultaneously a collective endeavour and
a deeply personal undertaking. Without our contributors, who put
aside other projects and personal obligations to meet tight deadlines,
this book would not exist. Our dedicated publisher, Jeffrey Miller,
and superb editor, Lesley Steeve, ensured that this is a timely book,
and one that we are conf‌ident will stand the test of time. Vincenzo
Pietropaolo’s wonderful photographs provide a special tribute to
the thousands of migrant workers who produce the food we eat and
sell in Ontario. Our diligent research assistants, Natalie Smith and
Mike Bilski, gave the book the rigorous attention to detail that every
good book requires. We are deeply indebted to all of these people
for helping us with this book, and we would like to thank them for
their work in making this a book of which we are very proud. It was
a pleasure to work with them.
As editors, we were all involved in the Fraser case in various
capacities, and we are all committed to ensuring that agricultural
workers in Ontario, regardless of their migration status, enjoy the
same suite of labour rights and standards that are available to the
vast majority of other workers in the province. For all of us, the hard
work and perseverance of agricultural workers was an inspiration.
But, for each of us, our commitment to social justice for agricultural
workers has different sources and sustenance. Fay Faraday offers
love and gratitude to Jim, Robbie, and Alex for their support and
inspiration. Judy Fudge would like to thank her family for their
example that decency is an essential part of the fabric of life, and her
students and teachers for always reminding her that social justice
is not simply an academic matter. Her most heartfelt thanks go to
Ken Massicotte, for providing her with love and support so that she
can spend her time as she pleases, which is (mostly) reading, teaching,
and writing about workers, their struggles, and labour rights. Eric
Tucker would like to dedicate this book to his father, William Tucker,
who passed away suddenly on 12 November 2011 at the age of 92.
His commitment to the pursuit of world peace and social justice was
and remains an inspiration for his family. He is missed.

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