AuthorCheryl Foy
As an immigrant from a working-class family and the rst person in my
family to go to university, I understand the value of a university edu-
cation all aspects of it. It was my father, Brian A Foy, who could not
contemplate any path for me other than university, and I thank him for
that. I treasured my time as an undergraduate at Queen’s University, learn-
ing to drink coee and reading Marx, debating with my classmates, and
writing essays on the ferry as I rode for free back and forth between Wolfe
Island and Kingston. I struggled, sometimes working three jobs, but all of
the time believing in the value of the education and feeling privileged to
be there.
What a time of growth and empowerment! I graduated from Queen’s
rst with a political studies degree and then with a law degree, both of
which have enabled me to appreciate that universities better our society by
teaching us to study ourselves, to question our practices, and to strive to
do things better. I believe that universities play a central role in our soci-
eties. I believe that in order to continue to play that role well, they must
strive for excellence in governance. I believe that boards of universities have
a crucial role to play. Hence this book!
As I wrote this book, I thought often about my university secretary
colleagues across the country. Some of you are retired, some of you are
mid- career, and some of you have just started. We are a dedicated, fun,
quirky, and kind group, and I am grateful for the collegiality (meant in

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