AuthorFrank Iacobucci
[ ix ]
     the Federal Court of Appeal, I am pleased to
participate in the celebration of the th Anniversary of the Federal Court
of Canada and honoured to oer some prefatory remarks for this most wel-
come book.
It should be noted that the th Anniversary of the Federal Court was
recognized by a symposium in  held in Ottawa. Two outstanding Can-
adians spoke at the symposium: the Right Honourable John Turner and for-
mer Chief Justice Wilbur Jackett. I mention them because John Turner as
Minister of Justice and Wilbur Jackett were the key f‌igures in the legislation
creating the Federal Court.
An institution’s anniversary is a milestone that evokes reactions relating
to its past, present, and future. Readers of this volume will not be disappointed
as that tri-dimensional discussion is impressively achieved by the authors.
e most interesting past of the Federal Court is lucidly treated in Pro-
fessor Ian Bushnell’s  book, he Federal Court of Canada: A History, 1875–
1992. e present volume continues that excellent treatment, not only in a
special historical chapter but also by commentary in other chapters. Not
surprisingly, the Federal Court’s beginning in  as the Exchequer Court
of Canada is often referenced throughout the book.
I pause to mention that the  founding of the Exchequer Court
coincided with the creation of the Supreme Court of Canada. Controversy
surrounded both courts in that Confederation discussions rejected the setting
up of the Supreme Court in , preferring instead that Canada’s f‌inal Court
of Appeal be the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council sitting in London.

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