AuthorPatrick J. Monahan/Byron Shaw/Padraic Ryan
The f‌ifth edition represents a signif‌icant update to the fourth ed ition,
published four years ago. During this period, the Supreme Court of
Canada has conti nued to develop the jurisprudence in all are as of con-
stitutional law, particularly t he Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,
as well as the law of federali sm and Indigenous rights. All signif‌icant
developments as of 1 June 2016 have been incorporated into thi s edition.
We have appended the complete text of the Canadian Constitution,
including explanator y footnotes as consolidated by the federal Depa rt-
ment of Justice. We expect that this wi ll continue to serve as a usef ul
reference tool for lawyers and students.
As with earlier editions of this book, our aim i s to provide law-
yers, academics, and law students w ith a general introduction to, and
overview of, the basic elements of the Ca nadian Constitution. We have
also attempted to discuss issues in suf f‌icient detail such that the book
will be of value to law yers who encounter constitutional issues i n their
daily practice.
The views expressed in this text are solely the personal opinions of the
authors and do not ref‌lect the position of the Ministr y of the Attorney
General or McCarthy Tétrault LLP.
Patrick J. Monahan
Byron Shaw
Padraic Ryan
January 2017

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