AuthorAllan C. Hutchinson
In writing any book, certain assumptions have to be made about the
likely audience, and this injunction is doubly applicable for this par-
ticular project. Although considerable risk is attached to such an
ambition, this book has been written with three somewhat related
groups of readers in mind:
Those who are thinking of going to law school and want to know
what it is about and how to get there. The early chapters try to
give a good indication of what law school life is like, so that
prospective students can make an informed decision about
whether law and law school are for them.
Those who have been accepted at law school and want to know
how to succeed. Apart from the early chapter, the book aims to
provide students with insights and tips on how to cope with the
routines of law school life and to succeed in becoming good law
students and even better lawyers.
Those who are studying law in an undergraduate course and want
a general introduction to the law and its mysterious ways.
Although parts of the book are directed more at the law school
student, there is much throughout the book that will be helpful to
those who want to get a basic orientation to law and go beyond
the theoretical introductions for undergraduates.
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