AuthorSasha Baglay/Martin Jones
This book is intended as an introductory guide to Canadian refugee
law and procedure for law students, legal practitioners, paralegals, and
NGO staff. While it is at times technical in its l anguage and procedural
descriptions, it can al so be used by those i nterested in refugee issues
more generally.
The book def‌ines “Canadian refugee law” fa irly broadly to include
not only the formal statutory and regulatory basis of the l aw but also
the various policies, processes, and practices that are used to deter-
mine refugee law issues. Fur thermore, the term is s een to include not
only protection of individuals who are Convention refugees but also
other categories of individuals who are in need of protection due to a
potential violation of their human rights abroad.
While Canadia n refugee law has emerged over the past severa l dec-
ades as an independent branch of law and di screte area of practice, in-
evitably it remains closely tied to immigration law and often requires
cross-referencing to immig ration law. Therefore, this book presents
refugee law as a system subject to that di scipline’s internal logic and
integrity, not a system of law that operates in is olation.
The principal objective of the book is to provide an accurate account
of the basic features of Canadian refugee law, policy, and procedure. It
is by no means exh austive. No single book can describe, discuss, and
resolve all of the details and nuances of the Canadian refugee system.

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