AuthorAri Kaplan/Mitch Frazer
The purpose of this book is to a ssist readers in understanding the basic
concepts of the law and regulation of registered pension plans arising
from employment in Canada. The expres sion arising from employment
means that the pension plans are those ba sed on the “private” employ-
ment relationship that is, plans sponsored by employers or trade
unions, that are registered both with the Can ada Revenue Agency for
tax purposes, and with a provinci al or the federal pension regulator
for pension standards pur poses. These include pension plans covering
employees in both the private sector and the broader public sector in all
three levels of government.
A dierentiation must be made between “reg istered” pension
plans and other retirement vehicles. Reg istered pension plans do not
include government-sponsored universal retirement progra ms such as
Canada Pension Plan (and its Quebec counterpar t, the Quebec Pension
Plan), the federal Old Age Security program (including the Guaranteed
Income Supplement and Spouse’s Allowance), or the various provincial
assistance scheme s for low-income persons. Pension plans must also
be distinguished from other employment-based retirement arra nge-
ments such as group registered retirement savings plans and deferred
prof‌it sharing plans. Nor do pension plan s include individual savi ngs
accounts (such as a personal RRSP). These forms of retirement vehi-
cles, while comprising a sign if‌icant element of the Canadian retirement
landscape, fal l outside the scope of this book.

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