AuthorJulien D. Payne/Marilyn A. Payne
e objectives underlying this ed ition of Child Support Guidelines in Canada a re to provide
a comprehensive analysis of the caselaw, to produce order out of chaos, and to provide a
quick and ecient means for readers to gain access to pertinent information on al l aspects
of the Federal Child Support Guidelines and corresponding provincia l guidelines. is book
is a “meat-and-potatoes” analysis that is w ritten primarily for practi sing lawyers and judges
who serve in the trenches of family wa rfare. e author’s role is perceived as that of an ana-
lyst, not that of an advocate engaged in social engineering. e book describe s what judges
have said and done without engaging in any socio-economic evaluation of the Federal Child
Support Guidelines. is i s a companion volume to Payne & Payne, Canadian Family Law
(Irwin Law).
e material in this book i s current to 1 January 2022.

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