Preface and acknowledgements

AuthorJoseph Rikhof/Robert J Currie
We continue to be pleased and humbled by the positive reception this
text has received. It has now been quoted or cited by the Supreme Court
of Canada, a plurality of senior appellate courts, trial judges, and tribu-
nals. It is regularly used as a teaching re source and has been consulted
and cited by academics and rese archers of every stripe. We remain ever
hopeful that we are helpfully contributi ng to the overall ability of inter-
national lawyer s and criminal lawyers to, as we say in Ch apter 1, speak
the same lang uage.
This third edition maintains t he overall structure and approach of
the f‌irst two editions. Rob Curr ie is responsible for updating chapters 2,
7, 8, 9, and 10, while Joseph Rikhof has updated chapters 3, 4, 5, and 12.
Both authors collaborated on updating chapter s 1 and 6. Gillian MacNeil,
the leading author of Chapter 11 in the f‌irst two editions, has updated
that chapter. We have tried to state the law as of November 2019.
As usual, we are gratef ul for the help and advice of numerous friends
and colleagues, including: Chr is Ram; Sabine Nölke; Col Bruce Mac-
Gregor, CD, QC; Erin Cassidy; Phillip Saunders, QC; Aldo Chircop;
Leah West; Gib van Ert; Joanna H arrington; Craig Forcese; Darin Reeve s;
Bryant Mackey; David Fra ser; Benoit Gomis; and Seth Weinstein. Rob
Currie wishes to t hank, in par ticular: Laura Ellyson, doctoral student at
the Schulich School of Law, for coherent, timely, and insightful research
support for the updates; and Jessica Dawkin s (JD Dalhousie, 2019) for
stalwart rese arch efforts in updat ing Chapter 7.

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