Preface. Expert Witnesses in Civil Litigation: Use of this Handbook

AuthorJohn Hollander
expert witnesses in civil litigation: use of this handbook
Expert Witnesses in Civil
Litigation: Use of this
   the eighth in the Young Advocates
Series (YAS). ese handbooks are not intended to be
comprehensive studies of the specic titled subject. ey
are training manuals, rather than legal reference books. If
the reader can glean a few ideas from each chapter, then
the handbook will be a success.
Readers are encouraged to review and digest two
other handbooks in the YAS, specically Case Analysis
(what questions to ask) and Examinations in Civil Trials
(how to ask those questions). Doing so will give context
to the examples for case analysis in each chapter.
is handbook departs from the YAS template in a
few respects:
      
   . Judges and masters are excel-
1 John Hollander, Case Analysis: The Critical Path to Persuasion
(Toronto: Irwin Law, 2014), online:
2 John Hollander, Examinations in Civil Trials: The Formula for
Success (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2015), online:

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