Preface to the first edition

AuthorPhilip H. Osborne
To the First Edition
This book has been written primar ily to assist students in Canadian
law schools to understand the e ssential pri nciples of the Canadian l aw
of torts and the social policies that support them. It does not seek to
categorize and organize t he multitude of Canadian tort c ases. It does
not explore the subtleties of exceptional case s. It does not delve into
f‌ine distinctions among relevant provincial statutes. It expla ins the
basic framework and nature of Can adian tort law from which a more
advanced study of the law may proceed.
I am mindful of the fact t hat in most Canadian law schools the law
of torts is a f‌irst-year course. I have, therefore, tried to make the law
accessible to someone coming to the subject for the f‌irst time. I have
also included an extensive glossary. A happy consequence of this is
that the book may have some appeal to memb ers of the public who seek
some understanding of thi s fascinati ng corner of Canadian l aw. I also
hope that the book will hold some interest for members of the pract is-
ing bar, if only as a reminder of the basic pr inciples underlying judicial
policies and current trend s.
My attempt to f‌ind the path of reliable generality through the
thicket of tort cases and leg islation has been assisted by the works of
all the writers on Canadian tort law who have gone before me. I am
indebted to them all.
I am most appreciative of the support I received from the Legal
Research Inst itute of the University of Manitoba and its di rector, Pro-
fessor Alvin Esau. This allowed me to benef‌it from the f‌ine work done

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