Preface to the fourth edition

AuthorM.H. Ogilvie
To the Fourth Edition
This fourth edition of Religious Institutions a nd the Law in Canada is also
the twentieth annivers ary edition, since the f‌irst edition was published
in 1996. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to produce another edi-
tion twenty years later. Since that f‌ir st edition, better legal scholars than
I have now produced f‌ine books and articles on the interface between
law and religion in Canad a; I salute their accomplishments from which
I have (despite many appearances to the contrar y) learned much and
know that in the years ahead the subject will f‌lourish and mature. A
clerical acquaintance once described earlier ed itions of this book as the
“Authorized Version,” and while I found the allusion to the King James
Bible amusing (if not a little blasphemous), I know that there will
be ma ny, more insightful translat ions of the law in the f uture. Recorded
history amply shows that conf‌licts of law and religion are perennia l, if
not eternal, and while in Can ada we have been blessed with religious
peace as we move toward a more religiously pluralistic future, great
vigilance, ca re, and thoughtfulness are constantly required to ensure
that we continue to enjoy the peace, order, and good government our
founders wisely procl aimed.
On re-reading the prefaces to the earlier three editions, I f‌ind that
I have nothing new to add and adopt all that I have w ritten before. I
continue to be grateful to our courts for providing much to t hink about,
our legal scholars for thoughtful and constr uctive critiques, and, more
immediately, those who have assisted me in t he past and present. The
law is stated to 1 August 2016 with later additions where possible.

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