Preface to the fourth edition

AuthorTed Tjaden
to the Fourth Edition
There have been many changes in t he past f‌ive years within the legal
research and legal publishi ng community in Canad a (and around the
world). This new fourth edition updates t he law in a number of areas.
More particularly, some of the new content in this edition includes
updates on resources for teaching legal re search and wr iting and
inform ation literacy
more recent case law on the diff‌iculty in recovering the cost of on-
line legal research due to court s regarding such expen ses as off‌ice
discussion of the new eighth edition of the McGill Guide on legal
changes withi n the legal publishing industr y (including the acquisi-
tion by LexisNexis C anada of CCH titles) and the ongoing increase
in law-related e-books
updates to new developments for some of the major legal publishers
and their products, including WestlawNext Can ada, LexisNexis
Quicklaw, and Irwin Law
completion of Halsbury’s Laws of Canada and JurisClasseur Q uébec
discussion of the increase in digit ized archival legi slation
expanded coverage of free legal resources, including CanLII
extensive updates to resources in Chapter 8, Legal Res earch by
Topic, including the addition of hundreds of new or updated legal
treatises, prov iding the most extensive li sting of law-related books
by topic in the industry

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