Preface to the second edition

AuthorSteve Coughlan
ProfessionProfessor of Law. Dalhousie University

Page 17

One of my colleagues argues that an advantage of teaching in this field is that one can use the same exam problems from year to year, because the correct answer keeps changing. Certainly the developments of the more than three years since the first edition of this book appeared give support to his claim. No chapter is unaffected.

These effects include significant new decisions with regard to arbitrary detention, search and seizure (particularly in relation to reasonable expectation of privacy and to the manner of searches, but extending beyond that), disclosure, national security privilege, trial within a reasonable time, and right to counsel. They also include other changes of a less dramatic nature, in areas such as prosecutorial discretion, abuse of process, publication bans, private prosecutions, miscarriages of justice or errors of...

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