Preface to the Second Edition

AuthorAlan D. Gold
Preface to the Second Edition
   decade has passed since the rst edition. ere have been some
bright spots since then. Professor Lous’s undeserved forensic agony described
in her foreword to the rst edition had a happy ending. e Supreme Court of
Canada clearly embraced the scientic method in deciding upon the inadmissi-
bility of hypnotically re freshed “memories.” e faith expressed in the preface to
the rst edition that “[t]he courtroom, when it is populated by scientically lit-
erate lawyers and judges, is an excellent forum for the exposure of junk science”
was amply vindicated in some remarkable cases: in Kitzmiller et al. v. Doer Area
School District et al., Judge John E. Jones III, who was nominated by former U.S.
President George W. Bush, made a very strong ruling against “intelligent de-
sign,” holding that it was creationism and not science; and Dimmock v. Secretary
of State for Education & Skills, aer extensive evidence, judicially exposed the
“global warming” junk science in Al G ore’s movie An Inconenient Truth.
However, the hig hly anticipated p aradigm shi  in admissibi lity because of
the Daubert trilogy has failed to materiali ze, at least for the criminally accused ,
and the issues continue to bedevil courts. Examples of “expert” evidence that
have appeared in courtrooms recently include the following:
Carol Tavris, “Whatever Happened to Ja ne Doe?” Skeptical Inquirer (January–February
), online: ww-/tavris.html.
R. v. Trochym, []  S.C.R. .
 F. Supp. d  (M.D. Pa. ), online: ww copinion.pdf.
[] EWHC  (Admin), online: w /ew/cases/EWHC/
See chapter , note  and accompanying text.
e Honourable Mr. Justice W. Ian C. Binn ie, “Science in the Courtroom: e Mou se
at Roared” () : Advocates’ Soc. J. .

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