Preface to the sixth edition

AuthorRobert J. Sharpe; Kent Roach
To the Sixth Edition
There have been many signif‌ica nt developments in Charter juri sprudence
since the publication of this book’s f‌ifth ed ition in 2013. The book con-
tinues to attempt to provide comprehensive-yet-succinct coverage of all
major Charter issues. This edition highlights new developments under
section 7 of the Charter, including discussion of the landmark Bedford
and Carter decisions and Parliament’s replies to those deci sions. It also
features developments under section 1, including increased emphasis
on the f‌inal balancing stage of the proportionality test in the 2016 case
of R v KRJ. We also consider the development in freedom of association
jurisprudence to embrace not only rights of collective bargaining, but
also the right to str ike. As always, many Char ter decisions relate to the
crimina l process and they appear in t his edition, including the new
approach to trial in a rea sonable time in Jord an, and a ra nge of cases
relating to mandator y sentences and retroactive punishment.
We thank Scarlett Smith for her excellent research assistance, and
Sooin Kim and others at the Bora L askin Law Libra ry. We also thank
our publisher, Jeff Miller; Lesley Steeve and Alisa Posesorski for their
careful editing; and the staff at Irw in Law for all their help in the pro-
duction of this edition.

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