President's Message

AuthorSonia Bjorkquist
Presient s messa
“I consider this rst meeting of the Society an historic occasion. In these
times of unrest, when the rights and liberties of the people are slowly
being infringed upon and taken away … we need more than ever a strong,
independent and courageous bar.
–Isadore Levinter, Q.C., May 17, 1965
While the nature of unrest changes over time, the fact of
change and unrest is constant. Also constant is the unique
role of advocates in defending the independence of the bar
and the judiciary as enduring cornerstones of a free and democratic
society. In fact, in our barrister’s oath, we commit to improve access to
justice, safeguard the rights and freedoms of all persons, and champion
the rule of law.
The Advocates’ Society proudly celebrates its 55th anniversary in 2018.
From its roots in 1963 as a small group of senior litigators advancing
their common interest in fostering a strong, courageous and independ-
ent bar, the Society has grown into a national network of more than
6,000 members. The Society’s commitment to its original core values
is unwavering– and pressing as ever. We are united by our dedication
to access to justice and the administration of justice from coast to coast.
We are also ocers of the court. Serving as the voice of our clients
before decision-makers is a great privilege and a great responsibility.
The Advocates’ Society helps us full our oaths and duties, collectively
and individually, and inspires us to become the best advocates we can be.
Becoming a great advocate is a lifelong commitment. While each
generation of advocates faces new challenges and demands, our history
shows that we are stronger, better advocates when we support and learn
from each other. To this end, the Society invests in the future of our

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