Prince Edward Island.

Author:Reddin, Ryan
Position::Legislative Reports - Committees of the Legislative Assembly; plebiscite on electoral reform; by-election in District 21

Second Session, Sixty-fifth General Assembly

The second session of the Sixty-fifth General Assembly adjourned to the call of the Speaker on May 13, 2016. It is set to resume on November 15, 2016.

Committees of the Legislative Assembly

The various standing committees of the Legislative Assembly met multiple times to conduct their business during the late summer and early fall. The Standing Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries examined recent federal changes to the minimum lobster carapace size in Lobster Fishing Area 25, and to the total allowable catch of Atlantic halibut. The Standing Committee on Communities, Land and Environment examined emergency preparedness in PEI, Engage PEI, and watershed management. The Standing Committee on Education and Economic Development examined the provision of high-speed Internet services in PEI, the impact of the 2016 reduction in service of the Wood Islands, PE--Caribou, NS ferry, and several matters related to education. The Standing Committee on Health and Wellness examined the use of drugs in the province and supports for grandparents as primary caregivers. The Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Energy examined the bioscience industry, active transportation, and the Cornwall Bypass Capital Project. The Standing Committee on Public Accounts examined the Atlantic Procurement Agreement, the 2016 Report of the Auditor General, and a special report of the Auditor General on the government's involvement with an e-gaming initiative and financial services platform.

Audio Recording of Committee Meetings Published

As of September 1, 2016, audio recordings of committee proceedings held in public are published on the Assembly website. This change was the result of a recommendation by the Standing Committee on Rules, Regulations, Private Bills and Privileges in its second report...

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