Professionalism Issues for Lawyers as Employees and Employers Using Social Media

AuthorPanel Discussion Moderated by Janice Rubin, with Panellists Ari Blicker, Stuart Rudner, and Lisa Stam
as Employees and Employers
Using Social Media
As part of the Special Lect ures we struck a panel to discuss profes-
sionalismi ssuesthat arise whenlawyers usesoc ialmedia themselves
whenengaging in social mediaThey might beshari nglegal informa-
tiontheymight bepromotingthems elvesprofessionallyortheir rms
orthey mighteven beambassadorsfort heprofessionRegardless of
their funct ionit beca me clear to us that blogging posting v ideoson
YouTubeand connect ing with clients or colleagues on Linked In and
werethin kingabouti nthespri ngofin termsof thechal lengesof
interactingwithsocia lmedia
A DAY L AW Y E R SU S E OF S O CI A L M E DI A 
I NT H E W OR K P L AC E 
Janice Weve come to the point in the proceedi ng where wear e go-
ingto discuss professionalism issuesThus farwe havetalked
 JaniceRubinisapart nerinRubinThoml insonLLPaleadingemploymentlaw
rmAriBlickerisD irectorofStudentandAss ociateProgramsAi rdandBerlis
LLPStuartRudnerisapartnerwit hMillerThomsonLLPandi sfocusedonem-
ploymentlawLisaStamisanassoc iatelawyerwithBakerMcKen zieLLPanda
notedauthorityonsoc ialmedialegalissue s
aboutemployment lawyers reactions to other pe oples use of
social mediain theworkplaceW hatwear egoing todotoday
andtomorrowforaboutahalfa nhourisexamine ourownuse
ofsocial mediaas employmentlawyerseitheras employeesof
Thestatist icssuggestth atasa professionwehavew idely
embracedsocia lmedia AA mericanBar Association sur-
veyrevealed t hat percent of lawyers belong to at least one
pectt hatit isreasonably accuratefor Canadian lawyersand I
suspectthatif wedidastrawpollherewewouldndthatvir-
tuallyeverybody herebelongsto atleast oneonline social net-
workThereare noless thant hirtyoneC anadianemployment
and Stuart RudnerA casual search ofYouTubeoerings sug-
geststh atwel iketo makeourselvesknown aslawyers ont he
Internet Giventhis contextit is avery real professionali ssue
Soweare goingtota lkaboutwhat thehotspots ofprofes-
thereare newopportunities forustocom municateaboutwhat
Youknowwetypically lookatsocial mediaandt hinkoh
thereare so manylegal problemsbutasa professionshould
weconsiderwhethersocialmediaprovidesusan outletforcre-
ativeexpre ssion to evenen hance our image as professionals
andpe rhapseve nheight enour abilit ytopro videacc uratei nfor-
mationtothe publicTheseare thethi ngsthatweare goingto
talk abouttoday andtomor rowanda sIsayourfoc usforto day
is the employment relationship and how we engage the social
I havespent a very enjoyable two days in my oce troll-
whatIcould bringto thepanel andto aendeesas currentex-
amplesoflawyers interacting withsoc ialmedia This rstone
knocked my socks o I laughed the rst time I saw it and I
laughedthefour subsequenttimes Isawitsomet hingthat my
colleaguesatRubinT homlin soncanaesttogive nthehowli ng
This is a local homegrown Toronto iteration of that old
chestnut The Holiday Party Skit by the very talented ar tic-

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