Prologue - The Story Begins

AuthorMaureen McTeer
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– prologue –
The Story Begins1
One day many decades ago, a doctor was visited by a woman desperate to
have a child. Her husband was a friend of his, and an important man in
the community. She had tried for two years to become pregnant without
success. e doctor knew there was nothing wrong with her, but that the
problem was with her husband he was sterile.
e doctor cared about his female patient, but his greatest concern
was for his friend. What would others think of him if they learned that
he could not father a child? How would his career and lofty position in
society be aected? ere had to be a solution.
at night, the doctor shared a pint at the local pub with another
doctor one who treated animals, not humans. e veterinarian told a
fascinating story of how he had begun to use a technique to articially
inseminate cows on one of the larger local farms. It had worked well, he
explained, and he planned to use the technique more widely, as it saved
the farmer a lot of work and would also protect the purebred cows from
being injured by being mounted by a frantic bull.
e following morning, as the doctor drank his tea and remembered
his discussion the previous evening, an idea came to him. If it worked for
cows, he reasoned, why not for women? When he saw his patient again,
he told her that she must keep trying to conceive. She and her husband
would make wonderful parents, he insisted. He then asked her to track
her menses that month so she would know the short time frame when
she would be fertile. He instructed her to return to his oce at that time.

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