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Proceedings of the National Assembly.

Terms of resumption of National Assembly sittings

Upon the resumption of proceedings on February 1, 2022, the parliamentarians adopted a motion to establish a regulatory framework for Assembly sittings until the end of the sessional period on June 10. The motion renewed several terms previously adopted by the parliamentarians.

The Assembly was, therefore, able to continue sitting with a maximum number of 61 parliamentarians, excluding the Chair, according to the following distribution:

* No more than 35 Members from the parliamentary group forming the Government;

* No more than 13 Members from the parliamentary group forming the Official Opposition;

* No more than five Members from the Second Opposition Group;

* No more than four Members from the Third Opposition Group;

* No more than four independent Members.

The modification of this distribution for the purposes of Routine Proceedings, which reduces the number of Government Ministers allowed to be present in favour of the opposition groups and provides that opposition Members be entitled to fill in for absent independent Members, was also maintained.

The procedure for recorded divisions was also renewed. Under that procedure, the vote of the House Leader or of the Deputy House Leader of a parliamentary group or, where applicable, of another Member identified beforehand was valid for all the Members of his or her group. Parliamentarians could also record a vote that differed from the vote of their group, or choose not to vote. Lastly, the Government House Leader could record the vote of independent Members in their absence, in accordance with their instructions.

In addition to renewing the measures already in place, the motion stated that the Members would renegotiate the organization of parliamentary proceedings if the public health rules applicable to the National Assembly were modified, and that, for this purpose, the Secretary General would seek a new opinion on the rules, in particular as regards the maximum capacity of the rooms where deliberations are held, during each week set aside for work in the ridings.

Under these provisions, on March 15, 2022, upon the return from two weeks set aside for work in the ridings, the Assembly adopted a new motion regarding the organization of parliamentary proceedings, replacing the motion of February 1. To a large extent, the motion marked the return to the Standing Orders of the Assembly. Among other things...

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