R. v. Allin (D.W.), (1981) 29 A.R. 295 (PC)

Judge:Patterson, J.
Court:Provincial Court (Alberta)
Case Date:February 10, 1981
Citations:(1981), 29 A.R. 295 (PC)

R. v. Allin (D.W.) (1981), 29 A.R. 295 (PC)

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R. v. Allin

(No. 008720)

Indexed As: R. v. Allin (D.W.)

Alberta Provincial Court

Patterson, J.

February 10, 1981.


The accused's given name was incorrect in a certificate of analysis. The Alberta Provincial Court held that it was not necessary for the accused's name to appear in the certificate and convicted the accused.

Criminal Law - Topic 1374

Motor vehicles - Impaired driving - Breathalyzer - Certificate evidence of results of analysis - The Alberta Provincial Court held that under s. 237(1)(f) of the Criminal Code it is not necessary for the name of the accused to appear in a certificate of analysis - See paragraph 7.

Cases Noticed:

R. v. Noble (1977), 37 C.C.C.(2d) 193; 17 N.R. 555, consd. [para. 4].

R. v. Bykowski (1980), 23 A.R. 426, consd. [para. 5].

R. v. Frankland, 43 C.C.C.(2d) 365, consd. [para. 6].

Statutes Noticed:

Criminal Code of Canada, R.S.C. 1970, c. C-34, sect. 237(1)(f) [para. 7].


K. Staples, for the Crown;

R. Pollick, for the accused.

This case was heard before PATTERSON, J., of the Alberta Provincial Court, at Beaverlodge, Alberta, on February 10, 1981.

The oral judgment of PATTERSON, J., was delivered on February 10, 1981.

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