R. v. Inuvik Coastal Airways Ltd., (1983) 51 A.R. 353 (NWTSC)

Judgede Weerdt, J.
CourtSupreme Court of Northwest Territories (Canada)
Case DateNovember 29, 1983
JurisdictionNorthwest Territories
Citations(1983), 51 A.R. 353 (NWTSC)

R. v. Inuvik Coastal Airways Ltd. (1983), 51 A.R. 353 (NWTSC)

MLB headnote and full text

R. v. Inuvik Coastal Airways Ltd. and McKerral

(SC 2686)

Indexed As: R. v. Inuvik Coastal Airways Ltd. and McKerral

Northwest Territories Supreme Court

de Weerdt, J.

November 30, 1983.


The Crown moved to admit federal government aeronautical charts into evidence. The Northwest Territories Supreme Court granted the motion and held that the charts were admissible into evidence.

Evidence - Topic 3772

Documentary evidence - Public documents - Maps and plans - Aeronautical charts - The Northwest Territories Supreme Court held that government aeronautical charts were admissible (to show the distances by air between certain well established points on the charts) without being certified as contemplated by the Canada Evidence Act or the Northwest Territories Evidence Ordinance - See paragraphs 11 to 13.

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B. Fontaine, for the motion;

C. Evans, Q.C., opposing the motion.

This motion was heard before de Weerdt, J., of the Northwest Territories Supreme Court at Inuvik, Northwest Territories on November 29, 1983. The decision of de Weerdt, J., was delivered orally on November 30, 1983.

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