R. v. Morris (J.C.), (1994) 50 B.C.A.C. 75 (YukCA)

JudgeSouthin, Rowles and Hutcheon, JJ.A.
CourtCourt of Appeal (Yukon Territory)
Case DateSeptember 26, 1994
Citations(1994), 50 B.C.A.C. 75 (YukCA)

R. v. Morris (J.C.) (1994), 50 B.C.A.C. 75 (YukCA);

    82 W.A.C. 75

MLB headnote and full text

Regina (respondent) v. Jackie Charles Morris (appellant)


Indexed As: R. v. Morris (J.C.)

Yukon Court of Appeal

Southin, Rowles and Hutcheon, JJ.A.

September 26, 1994.


The accused pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm and to assault. He was sentenced to 10 months' imprisonment on the former count and one month concurrent on the latter. He appealed against sentence.

The Yukon Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal.

Criminal Law - Topic 5861

Sentence - Assault - The 25 year old alcoholic accused assaulted a drinking companion, inflicting head and facial injuries, including two black eyes - He also assaulted his grandmother - Worked sporadically in a sawmill, was a talented artist - Criminal record dating from 1987, including break and enter, assault and mischief - Four months' pretrial custody - Pleaded guilty - The Yukon Court of Appeal affirmed sentences of 10 months' imprisonment for assault causing bodily harm and one month concurrent for assault.

Criminal Law - Topic 5883

Sentence - Assault causing bodily harm - [See Criminal Law - Topic 5861 ].


M. La Flamme, for the appellant;

R. Garson, for the Crown.

This appeal was heard on September 26, 1994, at Vancouver, British Columbia, before Southin, Rowles and Hutcheon, JJ.A., of the Yukon Court of Appeal.

On September 26, 1994, Hutcheon, J.A., delivered the following judgment orally for the Court of Appeal.

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