Reasons for Sentence

Reasons for Sentence*
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8 Imposing a just sentence on an oender is a delicate balancing exer-
cise. e fundamental purpose of sentencing and the general principles
to be applied are set out in section  of the Criminal Code. ose
principles provide general guidance and underscore some of the factors
that must be considered and which principles should take priority for
certain oences. One of the most fundamental of the guiding princi-
ples of sentencing is the principle of proportionality,[] which requires
me to impose a sentence that is proportionate to the gravity of the
oence and the moral blameworthiness of the oender.
9 Another overarching principle is the importance of parity in
sentencing. e imposition of sentence cannot be an arbitrary pro-
cess. e Criminal Code stipulates that a sentence “should be similar to
* This appendix is an abridgement by Justice Cole of the judgment in R v JF, 2017 ONSC
1 Criminal Code, R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46, s. 718.1.

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