Recent C.D. Howe Institute Publications.


Recent C.D. Howe Institute Publications September 2018 Laurin, Alexandre. "Unhappy Returns: A Preliminary Estimate of Taxpayer Responsiveness to the 2016 Top Tax Rate Hike." C.D. Howe Institute E-Brief. September 2018 Ezra, David Don. Making the Money Last: The Case for Offering Pure Longevity Insurance to Retiring Canadians. C.D. Howe Institute Commentary 521. September 2018 Robson, William B.P. Jeremy Kronick, and Jacob Kim. Tooling Up: Canada Needs More Robust Capital Investment. C.D. Howe Institute Commentary 520. September 2018 Meunier, Denis. Hidden Beneficial Ownership and Control: Canada as a Pawn in the Global Game of Money Laundering. C.D. Howe Institute Commentary 519. August 2018 Skuterud, Mikal, and Zong Jia Chen. Comparing Outcomes: The Relative Job-Market Performance of Former International Students. C.D. Howe Institute Commentary 518. August 2018 Milligan, Kevin, and Tammy Schirle. "Rich Man, Poor Man: The Policy Implications of Canadians Living Longer." C.D. Howe Institute E-Brief. August 2018 Dachis, Benjamin. "Hosing Homebuyers: Why Cities Should Not Pay For Water and Wastewater...

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