Recourse for Violations of International Law

AuthorJohn H. Currie; Craig Forcese; Joanna Harrington; Valerie Oosterveld
Part iV
Recourse for Violations of International Law
In this Part we concentrate on steps open to states or the international community in response
to violations of international law. In discussing substantive international law throughout
these materials, we have already incidentally touched on a number of fora that may be in a
position to grant remedies for such violations, including the International Court of Justice
(ICJ) and other international tribunals or arbitral bodies, the UN Security Council, the various
human rights bodies, and, in limited circumstances, domestic civil and criminal courts. Our
focus here, however, is on a number of specic international legal regimes that deine the
remedies that may be available in these and other fora.
Thus, in Chapter , we examine the concept of “state responsibility” — essentially, a gen-
eralized theory of state liability for conduct contrary to international law. In Chapter  we
consider economic sanctions as a response to state violations of international law. In Chap-
ter  we examine the limited circumstances in which armed force may still be used, and by
whom, to secure or restore compliance with international law. Finally, in Chapter  we shift
our focus from the state to the individual in examining international criminal law as a system
of accountability for individual perpetrators of international crimes.

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