Redirect Examinations

AuthorJohn Hollander
redirect examinations
redirect examinations
chapter six
Redirect Examinations
   have to think long and hard
about the last time that they conducted a successful re-
direct examination. In theory, no question can be asked
in a redirect that does not start with the words “In cross-
examination, you testied that . . . .” e purpose of re-
direct is to clear up any confusion or ambiguity that arose
during the cross-examination. is often takes the form
of counsel’s putting to the witness a question that the wit-
ness was not given the opportunity to answer in the cross-
examination. For example, take a witness who answered a
question asking for a “yes” or “no” answer with the words
“May I explain?” Or perhaps the witness’s answer was cut
short by another question. Assuming that the trial judge
did not intervene and request that the witness explain or
complete the answer, it is up to the direct examiner to put
that request to the witness in redirect:
“In cross-examination, you tried to explain your
armative answer to this question. Would you
please provide that explanation now?”

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