Research and the Human Embryo

AuthorMaureen McTeer
[  ]
– chapter eleven –
Research and the Human Embryo
While it is beyond the scope of this book to handle both the science and
the myriad related issues raised by research on human embryos, this area
of medical-scientic research will continue to present Canadians espe-
cially legislators and judges with pressing public health and research
policy challenges and choices. How we resolve these thorny ethical and
legal issues will play a critical role in determining what it will mean to
be human in the future.
Part ree focuses on some of the research that is being done on
human embryos and the purpose and potential of such research. It then
identies and discusses some of the issues that present complex and con-
troversial challenges to law and public policy. Chapter  addresses the
issue of genetic testing when used in reproduction and the law that gov-
erns genetic testing and discrimination. Chapter  looks at human germ-
line and heritable genome editing. Germline genome editing involves
making genetic changes to gamete precursor cells, eggs, sperm, or early-
stage embryos in the laboratory. Heritable genome editing includes a
further step; namely, the transfer of genetically modied embryos to
initiate a pregnancy. Chapter  lists how some international groups and
organizations have responded to the research on heritable human gen-
ome editing.

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