Resilience: paying it forward.


The effects of disasters persist long after the media has moved on to other stories. Especially in the wake of prolonged conflict, people can remain displaced within their own countries or in other countries for years or even decades.

PWRDF's relief efforts continue with such communities for the long haul. We have worked with the Organisation for Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation (OfERR) in India and Sri Lanka since 1984 as they have supported 100,000 Tamil refugees who fled ethnic violence and civil war in Sri Lanka.

PWRDF was among the first funders for the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya 25 years ago. The camp is now home to over 160,000 refugees, most from South Sudan and Somalia.

Living for years in refugee camps, forced to rely on charity from others, can be incredibly difficult for refugees. Poverty and despair is common in camps. OfERR and the National Council of Churches of Kenya in Kakuma work with small groups of refugees to help them start businesses within the camps to support themselves and their families.

In India, women's self-help groups use microcredit to pool small amounts of savings and lend it to each other to start businesses. When the loans are repaid, the money is then loaned to another woman in the group. In Kakuma, various groups gather around economic activities ranging from farming to fishing...

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