Author:Park, Rob
Position:Legislative Reports

The 3rd session of the 27th Legislature began with the Speech from the Throne by Lieutenant Governor, Vaughn Solomon Schofield on October 23, 2013. The Throne Speech, entitled Meeting the Challenges of Growth, focused on the government's commitment to "ensure all Saskatchewan people share in the benefits of a growing economy." The themes of the Throne Speech included investments into health care, education, traffic safety and highways.

The Opposition argued that the Throne Speech did not address the needs of Saskatchewan families. According to the Opposition, the Throne Speech failed to address the shortfalls in health care, seniors" care and education, nor did it provide any new plans to diversify the economy.

Usher of the Black Rod

The opening of this session marked the inaugural use of the Saskatchewan Black Rod. The Black Rod is a legacy from The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It is carved from oak grown in the Duchy of Cornwall woodlands. The wood was presented to the Province of Saskatchewan by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales during his visit to the province in 2012. The Lieutenant Governor appointed Rick Mantey, Clerk of Executive Council to serve as the first Usher of the Black Rod.

Special Committee on Traffic Safety

On August 30, 2013, the Special Committee on Traffic Safety tabled its final report. The Special Committee on Traffic Safety report contained 26 recommendations. The recommendations cover many aspects of traffic safety, including impaired driving, distracted driving and excessive speed, addressing intersection safety and wildlife collisions, and improving public safety messages and awareness campaigns. The Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), Donna Harpauer reported on November 7, 2013 that SGI will move forward with legislation this fall to implement more than half of the recommendations from final report.

The Rules and Procedures

The Standing Committee on House Services appointed a sub-committee on December 7, 2011, to study and make recommendations on revisions to The Rules and Procedures of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. On November 7, 2013 the committee proposed many new rules that put in writing for the first time long-established practices that have governed proceedings. Some examples are...

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