Second Year

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Second Year 33
Second Year
Sn-Yer Smr Js
Although most law schools offer extensive seminars on how to f‌ind an articling job, they offer com-
paratively few seminars on how to f‌ind a suitable second-year summer job. Second-year law students
may f‌ind this frustrating, particularly those who did not pursue f‌irst-year summer jobs that were
career related.
Because it is now customary for law students to have law off‌ice and f‌ile experience by the time
they apply for articling positions, many students seek out a second-year summer job with a law f‌irm.
Students who do not f‌ind summer jobs in law off‌ices can still gain valuable exper ience that wi ll help
them to further t heir law careers. When you are looking for a second-year summer job, it is import-
ant to consider your articling goals. Choose a second-year summer job that will allow you to f‌ill in
the gaps on your resumé, a job that will make you a more competitive candidate when you apply for
articling p ositions in t he future. It is also time to start considering in which city you wish to art icle. It
is a good idea to begin to establish roots in that city through a su mmer job.
If you wish to conduct preparatory research on summer positions, read through the job postings
for the previous year so that you can see what opportunities were available and when those opportun-
ities arose. Take note of the employers th at interest you and the practice areas t hat you f‌ind intr iguing.
Consider whether these opportunities wil l help you to further your career plans and begin to build a
bridge so that you can achieve your artic ling goals.
Most law schools have extensive summer job-posting lists that are available on your career servi-
ces website. As a f‌irst-year student, you may have viewed these postings with frust ration because they
were only open to second-year students. These postings are typical ly from law f‌ir ms, in-house counsel
law departments in corporations, government law off‌ices, various law school departments, non-prof‌it
legal organizations, and other law-related industries (e.g., insurance companies, banks).
If you already know with which f‌irm you would like to art icle, it is worthwhile to see if the off‌ice
hires summer students. If you do not know where you want to article, but you know the general area
that you want to article in, seek out job postings in t hat general area. For example, if you have an

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