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AuthorChristopher Rootham
A, B., M. G , & A. P, Strikes in Esse ntial Services (Kingston: IRC
Press, )
A C  L M  R   F
P S , Identifying the Issues,First re port (Ottawa: Treasury
Board Secretariat , May )
A C  L-M  R    F
P S , Working Together in the Public Interest: Second Re port of
the Advisory Committee on L abour-Management Relations in the Federal
Public Service (Ottawa: Treasur y Board Secretariat, )
A, G.E., e King’s Servants: e Civ il Service of Charles I, rev. ed.
(London: Routledge & K. Paul, )
B, L., “Ministerial Sta : the Life and Times of Parliament’s Statutory
Orphans” in Restoring Accountability: Research Studie s Vol.  (Ot tawa :
Commission of Inquir y into the Sponsorship Program and Advert ising
Activities, )
B, T. & P. E, Tracking the Role of the PSC in the Governance
System of the Federal Public Service (Ot tawa: Public Service Comm ission of
Canada, )
B, L., “e Civ il Servant — Political Real ity and Legal Myth ” () P.L. 
B, L. & D. W, “Collec tive Bargaining in Western Europe”
in C. D’A, G. D R,  B. K, eds ., Strategic Choices
in Reforming Public Service Empl oyment: An International Handbook (New
York: Palgrave, )
C R A, e Canada Revenu e Agency: e First Five Years (
April ), online: ww/menu-e.html

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