AuthorLoree Armstrong Beniuk, Jo-Anne Hughes, and Jack Reynolds
e Edmonton Police Service issued a news release on Monday, warning the public
of a convicted sexual oender being released.
[He] will be living in the Edmonton area aer being released from the Edmonton
Remand Centre.
“e Edmonton Police Service has reasonable grounds to believe he will commit
another sexual oence against someone under the age of  while in the commun-
ity,” the EPS said in a news release.
According to police, [he] has pedophilic interests toward both boys and girls
and has a history of “opportunistic oending” against children in his life. He’s also
shown he will groom and/or lure his victims, police said.
[He] will be monitored by the Edmonton Parole Oce and is under a number of
restrictions including not having any kind of contact with a person under the age of
, to not be within  metres of the perimeter of places where children under the
age of  are likely to congregate and not to use the internet to access any social
media sites.
is is not the rst time the EPS has issued a warning about him. According
to Global News’ records, similar warnings were also issued in October  and
September .
Both times police warned that he posed signicant risk to the community.
In Monday’s release, police warned the public this information was being
released to allow citizens to take “suitable precautionary measures” and not to
encourage any kind of vigilante action.
— Kirby Bourne, 630CHED, Global News

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