Seven critical factors that are blocking your success: the dreams will happen when the actions begin.

Author:Gruenwald, Sheila

Not being able to state clearly what you want is the first detriment to your success. The first step to being successful is defining your goals and being able to state them clearly. So, if you were asked right now, "What do you want?" Could you answer it with conviction?

Did you write your goal down? Is your goal measurable? You won't, all of the sudden, drop into your goal. It is going to be an incremental, measurable, worthwhile struggle. Your journey to your goal is going to move you forward, backward and sideways ... and all of that is okay. The key is that you are MOVING!

As much as we don't want to admit it, sometimes we need to be given more than one opportunity to learn a lesson. The world is faithful in making sure you learn that lesson before you move to the next. A paradigm shift that will benefit you greatly is to view each challenge as a character developing moment. Character that is a critical foundational experience that you must have in order to succeed at the next level of responsibility. To think that increased success does not come with increased responsibilities is pure fallacy. This is one key reason people who win millions of dollars are broke again within a few years-they have not grown into the responsibility of having that money.

The dreams will happen when the actions begin

Believe it or not a natural part of the process is to feel overwhelmed and stuck. Not knowing how to get unstuck is about to change! Some of the common feelings are to be afraid of the task or project, feeling the task is too big or you just can't do it. You already have the answer! Go back to your goals and check the steps that you have laid out for yourself. The steps may be too big, that is okay-you have a pen--re-write them into smaller steps. It is really that simple!

The one factor that is going to be a "sucker-up-buttercup" is the "I don't like doing--". If we could do only what we wanted, we would be a bunch of characterless spoiled brats. By embracing the tough stuff you are developing yourself in a way that many people are not willing to do. And the difference between you and them will be that you are closer to realizing your dreams.

Part of how we get through this process will be determined by how our brain processes information. Left brain people are naturally more inclined to make lists and follow process. If you find the processes mentioned to be logical and easy to apply to your life, there is a good chance that you may be left brained. The left brain dominant thinker responds well to sequential ordering of tasks and can break those tasks down to bite size pieces.


Right brain dominant thinkers see the whole picture so it can be difficult to see the next step or to break down the big picture into small steps. You may have even skipped doing the steps previously mentioned. I would really caution you to go back and do them--your success counts on it!

Work with and not against your natural way of thinking. Try not to fall into asking yourself questions...

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