So You Want to Make a Will in Alberta?.

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The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA) receives many questions on making a Will. Let's answer a few of them!

At the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA), we receive many questions on making a Will: Where do I start? Can I do it myself? Where can I find the forms? How much will it cost? Where can I go for help?

CPLEA's resources, including LawNow, are excellent starting points when searching for legal information on Wills and estates. The following information may also be of help in answering some of your questions on this topic.

Where can I find general information on making a Will in Alberta?

In Alberta, the Wills and Succession Act is the legislation that governs Wills. CPLEA has several resources that can help you understand what this law says about making a Will and the role of your personal representative.

* Making a Will in Alberta booklet The purpose of writing a Will is to pass on your belongings to your loved ones according to your wishes and with as few problems as possible. If you die without a Will, it's often more costly, complicated and time-consuming to settle your estate. This booklet is for Albertans who are thinking about writing or changing a Will.

* Wills Checklist

A checklist of things to consider when making a Will.

Being a Personal Representative booklet A Personal Representative (previously known as an Executor) is the person named in a Will to carry out the directions contained in that Will. The Personal Representative is responsible for settling the deceased individual's affairs after death. This booklet deals with what a personal representative needs to know before and after the testator has died, including tips for what to do if things go wrong. Printable checklists are also included.

I want to do this myself. Where can I find the forms?

Getting help from a lawyer is best. Lawyers can make sure your Will fits your specific situation.

If you would like to proceed without the help of a lawyer, you can buy forms to fill in yourself. Alberta Registry offices sell Wills kits, though I suggest you phone and confirm they have the kits before going. There are also websites that collect info from you and then produce a document you can print out and sign.

There are a few major cautions when using forms or kits:

  1. Powers of Attorney, Personal Directives, and Wills are governed by provincial laws. Make sure the materials you are using apply to the province where you live or have property. If not...

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