Some Recommended Sources

AuthorNeil Guthrie
om Recommended Source
By no means a comprehensive list, but some of the classics and some
sources specif‌ic to the legal context.
,    . Clarity for Lawyers: Ef‌fective Legal
Language (London: London Society Publications, 2017).
,  . The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Writing
(Baltimore: Owlworks, 2008).
, . Typography for Lawyers: Essential Tools for
Polished & Persuasive Documents, 2d ed (Houston, TX: O’Con-
nor’s, 2015).
,  . The Dimwit’s Dictionary, 4th ed (Rock-
port: Vocabula Communications, 2014).
——— . Robert Hartwell Fiske’s Dictionary of Unendurable English:
A Compendium of Mistakes in Grammar, Usage, and Spelling
with Commentary on Lexicographers and Linguists (New York:
Scribner, 2011).
,    . The King’s English, 3d ed (London,
Oxford, & New York: Oxford University Press, 2003).
,    . New Fowler’s Modern English
Usage, 3d ed, rev (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1998).
,     . A Dictionary of Modern Eng-
lish Usage, 2d ed, rev (Oxford & New York: Oxford University
Press, 1983).

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