Staffing at the canada revenue agency

AuthorChristopher Rootham
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As stated in the previou s chapter, appointments to and from withi n the federal
public serv ice must be made by the Public S ervice C ommission u nless anot her
Act of Parliament grants s ome other entity the authority to make appointments.
erefore, when another Act of Parlia ment grants the authorit y to a person to
make appointments to a particu lar agency or entity, then those appointments
are no longer made by the Public Ser vice Commission. For ex ample, the Park s
Canada Agency Act gives the chief executive ocer of Parks Canada t he author-
ity to make appointments and to “establish standards, procedures and processes
governing s tang ”; the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Act gives the
commissioner or Customs and Revenue the aut hority to appoint any employees
necessary for what is now ca lled the Canada Revenue Agency ; and the Canad-
ian Food Inspection Agency Act gives the president of that agency the authority
Parks Canada Agenc y Act, S.C. , c. , s. ().
Canada Custom s and Revenue Agency Act, S.C . , c. , s.  [CCRA Act]. e Act
refers to the “Canad a Customs and Revenue Agency.” However, on  December  ,
the parts of t he Canada Customs and Reve nue Agency dedicated to the ad ministration
of customs statute s were transferred to the M inister of Public Secu rity and Emergency
Planning und er the Order Transferring Cer tain Portions of the Canad a Customs and
Revenue Agency to the C anada Border Serv ices Agency, S.I./-, pursuant to t he
Public Servi ce Rearrangement and Transfer of Duties Ac t, R.S.C. , c. P-. e
decision to separat e customs and trade ser vices from the agency a nd transfer these
functions to t he new Canada Border Ser vices Agency was the re sult of the government’s
commitment to enha nced security t hrough strong border protection . As a consequence,
the agency is now k nown as the Canada Revenue A gency.

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