Tips And Suggestions For The Initial Hours And Days Immediately Following A Serious Occupational Health And Safety Incident

Author:Ms E. Jane Sidnell
Profession:Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

Immediate Response to Aid People and Property

Emergency response to aid any injured workers or remove killed workers bodies and to address any other related site emergency such as fire, spill, dangerous conditions, etc.

Do not disturb the scene except as necessary to attend to persons injured or killed, preventing further injuries and protecting property (OH&S Act, ss.18(6))

Evacuation as necessary and appropriate support for workers who are not physically injured but may be suffering shock or critical incident stress

Corporate Communication and Reporting

Consult any contracts with construction contractors or field site managers regarding, among other applicable issues, coordinating incident response, press or public information releases and drug testing policies

Identify the designated person to perform preliminary investigation (SInvestigation Coordinator and where this term is used it may include a delegate) under terms of contract or otherwise

Remove all persons other than the Incident Coordinator and necessary helpers from immediate vicinity of incident location

Evacuate as necessary to forestall inappropriate communication about the incident and be aware of instant communication, including photographs of the incident taken on personal handheld devices which, if made public, could seriously affect any company communication plan, including the communication with the families of injured or killed workers

Determine if the incident is a reportable incident under s.18(2) of the OH&S Act and report if need be (1.866.415.8690)

Ensure appropriate communication with supervisors, union officials, family or others as required in relation to the injured or killed person

Preliminary Investigation

Physically secure the site

Record the time, date and location of the incident and any persons injured or killed or any property Damage

Keep a log of any changes made to the scene as a result of disturbance to provide aid (for instance the movement of machinery to assist a trapped worker)

Take photographs of scene (log all photos and provide annotations where necessary)

Determine which individuals may have (1) witnessed the incident; (2) witnessed the scene leading up to the incident; or (3) have witnessed any actions in the preceding minutes, hours or days that could be relevant to the investigation

Gather a list of all relevant witnesses with names, positions and contact information

If applicable, request that employer arrange for testing in accordance...

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