Synergy progresses with 'gumption'.

Author:Myers, Ella

A proposed multi-purpose event space will be "picking up steam" in 2017 thanks to its adoption as a priority project by the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation, according to its planners.

"Just because it's quiet doesn't mean we haven't been doing anything," said John Caruso, chair of the steering committee of the proposed Synergy Centre. They want to bring a multi-use event venue to the city's downtown.

This year they'll finalize their governance structure then move onto technical details including capital planning, soil testing, site decision, an architectural plan, and later on a business plan.

They are hoping for property in the downtown. They would be attached to the existing Sudbury Theatre Centre.

Caruso estimates the cost to get "shovel ready" will be $800,000, so they'll be looking into funding for the process.

The proposed plan includes over 10,000 square feet for a convention hall with over 700 seats, a performing arts venue with up to 2,000 seats, and workshop spaces for smaller groups.

Many of the interior details are already coming together. Caruso is most excited about their unique seating system which embodies the multi-use character of the centre.

The Gala System seating they want to use was invented in Quebec. It operates on a spiral lift system: the seating can be retracted into the floor and set up to accommodate a wide range of purposes.

While the expense would be high--around 20 per cent of the total construction cost--it would allow them to change from a concert on a Friday...

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