The Best of The Advocates' Journal 2005-2018

AuthorStephen Grant
Avcates an Avcacy:
he Advocates’ Journal
(formerly The Advocates’ Society
Journal) is a publication of analysis, critique and thought on our
craft. Whether advocacy is an art, a science or both, in its purest
form it is all about persuasion, powered by analytical skill and intuition.
Usually, we are persuading a judge or a panel of judges, but as often as
not these days, arbitrators and other tribunal adjudicators.
Persuasion may be simply trying to convince the other party, the other
lawyer or your own client of the merits of a course of action. Paul Pape’s
charming and compelling theory is that if you can persuade your mother
of the rightness of your cause, you have a winning argument. It might
be no more complex than that.
It’s been 13 years since The Advocates’ Society published Ethos, Pathos,
and Logos: The Best of The Advocates’ Society Journal 1982–2004, recalling
the classical lynchpins of rhetoric. The collection was co- edited by David
E. Spiro and my predecessor, the late David Stockwood, Q.C., LSM,
whose reins I assumed in the summer of 2008. It showcased the nest
articles published in the Journal over a span of 22 years. Advocates and
Advocacy picks up where Ethos, Pathos, and Logos left o, covering 2005
to 2018, now with contributors from across the country.
Have things changed? The digital age is undeniably pervasive, for
better or worse. Advocacy continues unabated but has morphed into

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