The Federal Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies

AuthorMaureen McTeer
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– chapter three –
The Federal Royal Commission on
New Reproductive Technologies
Canada came late to the study and regulation of assisted reproductive
technologies and practices. In , the federal government was lobbied
by a group of Canadians from all walks of life urging the creation of a
royal commission to study the use and development of new reproductive
technologies and their health impacts, especially on women’s health and
bodies. is group called themselves the Canadian Coalition for a Royal
Commission on New Reproductive Technologies.
Letters were written to Prime Minister Mulroney, urging him to name
a royal commission as a key social policy initiative in the government’s
upcoming Speech from the rone in early . e group developed
the wording of a mandate for the commission that it proposed as well as a
list of some forty Canadians — prominent in several elds — from which
commissioners could be chosen. While the government did announce
the creation of a Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies,
none of the Canadians on the list provided by the coalition to the gov-
ernment were named as commissioners or as its chair.

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