The Investigation of Child Sexual Abuse

AuthorLoree Armstrong Beniuk, Jo-Anne Hughes, and Jack Reynolds
e Investigation of Child Sexual Abuse
A high school soccer coach knocks at the door of one of the student players on his
team, a een-year-old female who is home alone. She answers the door, invites
him into the foyer, and aer a ve-minute conversation about the team’s schedule
the coach, without invitation, touches her shoulders, moves his hands to her breasts,
and then attempts to rub her vaginal area. is behaviour upsets her greatly and
aer the initial surprise, she pulls herself free and pushes him away.
When the coach leaves, she locks all the doors. Aer recovering from her shock
and confusion, she telephones her parents to tell them what happened.
e police are called and charges are laid against the coach. e coach happens
to know she keeps a diary because she has written in it during soccer trips. He also
oen sees her going out socially with various boys who he assumes are her boy-
friends. During the investigation, he tells police the girl has been sexually active
and was giving him indications that she wanted to have sex with him.
e Crown prosecutor must now decide how best to proceed.
— Judith Daylen, Wendy van Tongeren Harvey & Dennis O’Toole,
Trauma, Trials and Transformation
This chapter provides an overview of investigative practices. However,
it should be noted that practices vary between jurisdictions across
Child welfare legislation and services in Canada are mandated by
statute at the provincial and territorial level, and services thereby vary in
name and characteristics. Services common to all child protection agencies

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